Upside-down Christmas and New Year

Overindulgence (over|in¦dul¦gence).
1. the action or fact of having too much of something enjoyable: her alleged
overindulgence in alcohol

2. excessive gratification of a person’s wishes: his overindulgence of her whims

I’m sure many people are just like me, and had to look this word up in the dictionary yesterday morning. At least I hope I wasn’t the only one.

This was my third Christmas and New Year in the land down under. And while I do miss Christmas at home something shocking, I have to admit, I find New Years in the sun very pleasant altogether. Hot sunshine, beaches, laughing kookaburras, barbecues, factor-30, kangaroos and buckets of chilled white wine may not scream Christmas to most people, but they do make for some good times. A little too good, truth be told.

I did very little cooking over Christmas, but I did make this desert. It was an attempt to reconcile the two very different types of Christmases I’ve experienced. Because, despite the fact it’s thirty degrees outside, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the pudding!

Upside-down Christmas pudding ice-cream

Recipe is adapted from the December edition of Australian Woman’s Day (please don’t laugh!).
Makes over 2 L.


2 cups of mixed dried fruit
100 g mixed glacé cherries, halved
¼ cup Cointreau
2 L good quality vanilla ice-cream, softened
½ cup thickened cream
100 g good quality dark chocolate, finely chopped
¾ cup slivered almonds

For the raspberry coulis:
350 g fresh or frozen raspberries
¼ cup icing sugar

In a bowl, combine all of the glacé and dried fruit with the Cointreau, cover and leave to soak overnight.

The following day place the softened ice-cream into a large mixing bowl with the cream, alcohol-soaked fruit, chocolate and nuts and mix together well. Simply transfer this mixture into a pudding bowl, cover and pop into the freezer. I found it took a full day to freeze properly, possibly because of the high alcohol content, so you may want to make this well in advance.

For the coulis, purée the raspberries and sugar together until smooth. You could do this in a blender, or with a hand-held mixer. If you don’t like the seeds you can strain the sauce but I didn’t bother.

This desert is really for all the ex-pats who don’t want to sacrifice their Christmas pudding on the big day. But all you lovely folks in the northern hemisphere should also try it, especially if you fancy something just a little bit different, because it’s…



2 thoughts on “Upside-down Christmas and New Year

  1. This was so divine I feel I need to comment that there is nothing to stop a person making it on any other day of the year! It was yumbolicious. Loved it. And so super simple!

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