Bow ties ‘n’ bolly

Did someone say bolly?

Oh yes please! I’ll just have a wee little drop; oh how I love those bubbles! And what better to pair with bubbles than some beautiful spring strawberries. They’re a match made in heaven.

Fresh spring strawberries

Last weekend we went to a rather wonderful wedding; a very very special wedding – one where there were two dapper and dashing grooms, and not a bridezilla in sight.

One of the handsome grooms happens to be my Fella’s very good friend. So you can only imagine how proud I was to see The Fella stand up beside his mate on the big day, offering moral support, remembering the rings and delivering a suitably embarrassing speech.

Strawberries in white chocolate shirts

I made these strawberries for the Fella to bring over to the boys house that morning while everyone was getting ready. I thought them rather fitting, given the bow ties; and I knew the guys would enjoy them with a pre-ceremony glass of champers.

I got the idea from the fabulous The Vanilla Bean Diaries. Esté’s versions are much tidier (I think she’s going to make it as a master confectioner well before me); and she has the in-process shots down pat, something I’ve never managed.

Strawberries in milk chocolate jackets

However in this case, it probably had a lot to do with the fact I spent most of my time trying to scoff the melted chocolate and not concentrating on the whole photo-taking-bit, ops!

Try these today with a glass of bubbles, I’m sure if you think long enough you can come up with a reason. They really are a match made in heaven, much like our wonderful friends Scott and Mike.

You gotta love the love.

Strawberry bow ties

Chocolate dipped strawberries


White chocolate
Milk chocolate

I haven’t given quantities above, because if you people are anything like me, you’ll buy way more chocolate than you actually need, and you won’t let any of it go to waste, oh no!

First off wash and dry your strawberries, but leave the tops on them. Next, melt your white chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. For the “shirt” part, simply dip each of the whole strawberries into the melted chocolate. Carefully set aside on some greaseproof paper and allow the chocolate to set completely (you may need to put them in the fridge).

Once the white chocolate is set, you can start on the “jackets” Melt your milk chocolate as before and dip one side of each strawberry into the chocolate at a 45-degree angle; and as previously, leave aside to set. Once set, dip the second side of each strawberry, again at a 45-degree angle into the melted chocolate and let it set.

Once the jackets are dry you can start to work getting those bad boys into their bow-ties. I used a very small piping bag, filled with melted milk chocolate and piped two buttons and a bow tie onto each strawberry. It was time consuming but totally worth it in the end.

Cuteness and yumness, what a combination!


P.S – I’ve got to thank my friend Annette for coming up with the title bow ties ‘n’ bolly, I think she may have been inspired by Friday night bubbles at the time, which I guess is why we’re friends!

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10 thoughts on “Bow ties ‘n’ bolly

  1. These are adorable! What a seriously classy & cute idea to celebrate your friends’ wedding. You must have put lots of time into decorating them too– I’m sure both grooms appreciated it! : )

  2. Very cute, perfect for summer…sipping bolly and chomping on these, although it might be a cheaper French champers for me since i like to indulge not just on special occasions

    • Oh bolly was just used for the alliteration. Life is much too short to save sparkles only for very special occasions, bring on the cheaper stuff is what I say! As long as it’s chilled. Sure didn’t Heston Blumenthal manage to pass off soda-steamed Blue Nun as champers?!!

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