Sunny blue swimmer crabs

New Year’s Eve in Sydney is something very special indeed. I would urge everyone, at some point in their lives, to try and spend it here. I mean, who doesn’t love fireworks? Or spectacular harbours? I’ve been watching some clips on the web, but none of them really do the experience justice.

Blue swimmer crab

However, perhaps I should mention that I don’t really have much else to compare it to. Like, I’ve never spent New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh, New York or even London. Up until the point I moved to Australia the majority of my New Year’s celebrations had been in smelly pubs, dodgy nightclubs and other equally glamorous venues throughout Ireland. One memorable year, my date and I were politely (not) asked to leave a county Louth nightclub in sub-zero temperatures because he had fallen asleep under a Christmas tree. Needless to say the relationship didn’t last. The last year The Fella spent at home was with friends, in what was almost certainly the coldest house in Ireland. The central heating broke just as it was beginning to snow outside; so we had to drink buckets of alcohol, purely to keep warm, obviously.

Hence spending New Years in the sunny, warm and party-soaked atmosphere of Sydney is a welcome change. There are no deputes on where to go (see venues described above), or what to wear (party clothes don’t tend to be that warm), or how you’re going to get home (taxis mysteriously disappear on NYE at home). Instead you grab a nice bottle of vino and picnic blanket and make your way to the nearest park, to lounge in the sun for the day and enjoy the midnight show.

This year, I treated myself to a very special lunch. Eating seafood in the sunshine with a crisp white wine isn’t a bad way to finish off the year, not too bad at all.

Roll on 2013; I can’t wait to see what it brings!

Happy New Year!

Steamed blue swimmer crabs with vermicelli noodles in a lemon soy dressing

Steamed blue swimmer crabs with vermicelli noodles in a lemon soy dressing

I learned to make this dish at an evening class at the awesome Sydney Seafood School; which I loved so much I’m going back for seconds in February (whoop!). Unfortunately I can’t replicate the exact recipe here, but you can find lots of other deliciousness on their website; and you really should consider booking yourself in for a class, it could be a well-deserved and delicious New Year’s gift to yourself!

But in any case, you should feel free to mix it up; for instance on Monday I didn’t follow the given recipe exactly; I only steamed one crab and paired back the other quantities significantly. This was because The Fella is slightly severely allergic to seafood and so didn’t share my feast. I also added in some bok choy which worked really well with the Asian flavours. You’ll find mirin in any Asian supermarket, however if you can’t, many internet searches suggest any quite sweet wine would substitute. Basically, do whatever you feel might be delicious!


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11 thoughts on “Sunny blue swimmer crabs

  1. Oh Aoife! A picnic blanket and warm weather and crisp white wine sound so delightful right about now. It’s cold and miserable around here. I’m bookmarking all of these springy and summery recipes for the coming months! Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year MPat! I hope it’s a great one for you and all your zooms, both little and large. That’s the problem with living on the far side of the planet, I post the wrong recipes at the wrong end of the year, sorry. But, yes, a West-coast girl like you would love it, you should come visit! Soon!!

  2. Wow, that crab sounds delightful! I looooove crab, and I especially love how long it takes to eat 🙂
    I was in Sydney for New Year’s Eve 2007. We watched the fireworks on the Harbor Bridge from a pier on the water (right outside Nicole Kidman’s flat!). The fireworks were spectacular! That year, there was a giant glowing coat hanger on the bridge that warranted some explanation. Most definitely the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen in my life, and one of my favorite NYEs!

    Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year to you too Rachel, I hope 2013 is a great one! I would expect a dedicated pescetarian to love crab! I too love how long it takes to eat, it forces you to relax and take your time, I also love that it’s so messy and hands-on, makes it tonnes of fun. I was also in Sydney for NYE 2007!! It was before we lived here, we were on holidays and it was awesome. There’s always some theme running the show, last year I think there was a hand on the bridge (although I may be misremembering), this year it was a set of red lips. Don’t worry, I don’t really get it get it either. It sounds like you were at Circular Quay or Kirribilli, which would have been totally amazeballs! I’ve never seen them from that close, although perhaps next year I might brave the crowds and attempt it! Hope you’d a fun night on your side of the world!

  3. I’m with you, New Year this side of the globe certainly is better, quick surf, BBQ and loll around in the sun! Much better than chilly Liverpool where I am from.

    • Glad you agree Allison. I’ve only been to Liverpool once and it was in March. I really enjoyed myself, thought it was a great city, but it sure ain’t warm! I hope you’d a great New Year in sunny New Zealand!

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