Upsidedown Paddy’s day tricolour salad

Irish flag Aussie salad

Well it’s that time of year again, when the entire world commandeers my nationality and dyes everything green. Lá Fhéile Pádraig!

Paddy’s day as an expat is a strange experience to say the least, although I’d say it would be worse for Irish people living in the States. It’s such a big deal, a day that everyone knows about, but no one is really sure what’s it for. According to the rest of the world St Patrick was some drunk bloke who wore oversized green top hats and said thirty-three and a third a lot.

This year I’m OK with it though, people can think what they want to as long as it makes them happy. And if they get a bit of craic out of it, sure all the better.

Leprechauns and mangos

The Fella thinks I’m an absolute disgrace to my country for posting this picture, he thinks I deserve to get my passport taken off me because of it. But I say, if the world wants leprechauns, why not give them leprechauns?

You can all blather on about corned beef (baffling and disgusting in equal measures), leprechauns (just plain lame) and pots of gold (I don’t know if any of you folks heard, but Ireland is currently owned by the IMF) as much as you like and I won’t bat an eyelid. But, I would really like to remind everyone that there are actually two other colours in the Irish flag. Yes folks, believe it or not there is some orange and white in there too! I know right? It just blows your mind.

I made this salad as an homage to the oft-forgotten tricolour, where mango represents the orange and macadamia the white. An Australian take on my national flag if you were, as mangos and macadamia nuts are a little harder to come by in county Louth.

I will be celebrating Paddy’s day in Sydney CBD with The Fella and his family and I’ve no doubt there won’t be a tractor or a bunch of shamrocks in sight, but it will be fun none the less. And I hope you have the craic too, wherever you are in the world and however you choose to celebrate; but I do ask this: as you’re tucking into your green beer, do save a thought for the tricolour, sure it’s a grand wee flag!

Upsidedown Paddy’s day tricolour salad – spinach, mango and macadamia

Tri colour salad

Makes enough for two as a side


40 g macadamia nuts, very lightly toasted
2 large handfuls of baby spinach leaves
½ large mango, cubed
½ tbsp olive oil
½ tbsp A Taste of the Bush raspberry and lemon myrtle finishing vinegar

Toast the macadamia nuts under a very low grill until they are just beginning to colour. Obviously you don’t want them to lose their whiteness as that’s kind of the point of using them, but likewise you do want to give them a bit of extra crunch and bring out their flavours.

Simply mix together with the spinach and mango. Drizzle over the olive oil and vinegar and serve.

I used A Taste of the Bush raspberry and lemon myrtle finishing vinegar because it’s beautiful and I thought it would be a great Australian twist on an already very Auzzie salad. The colours may be Irish but the flavors most definitely are not! I should point out that this post is in no way sponsored by A Taste of the Bush, it was just what I happened to have to hand.


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