Champagne and strawberry celebration sorbet

Moet & Chandon bottle

What do you do when the man you love; the man you’ve spent the last 7 (very happy) years with; the man you moved to the other side of the planet to be with; asks you to marry him?

You say yes.

Moet & Chandon cork

And you celebrate with many many sparkles, strawberries, sorbet and smiles.

That’s all.

Champagne and Strawberry celebration sorbet

Champagne and strawberry sorbet

Serves 6, so you can celebrate with family and friends.


750 g fresh strawberries
75 g caster sugar
175 ml champagne
2 tsp egg white

In a blender purée the strawberries, sugar and champagne. Taste to check the sweetness and add a little more sugar if you’d like.  You could sieve this mixture to remove the seeds, but I prefer them in.  Pour into a dish, cover and freeze for about 8 hours. Then whizz it up again in a blender with the lightly whisked egg white.  Put the mixture back in the dish and freeze again. For a non-alcoholic sorbet, you might want to go through another whizz and freeze cycle, however the champagne in this stops the sorbet from freezing too much or forming too many crystals.

Serve with a glass of bubbles and enjoy with your loved ones.


Champagne and strawberries

24 thoughts on “Champagne and strawberry celebration sorbet

  1. Woohoo, congratulations. I met my Kiwi man 8 years ago too and we went back to Liverpool a fees back to get married. Where will you get married, back home do you think?

    • What is it about these antipodean men?! It’s as if there were none to choose from in the Northern Hemisphere! We’ll get married at home and have an informal party in Sydney around the same time for the people who can’t travel. Did you do something similar? Loved your ham hock stew the other day by the way, I’ve been meaning to pop by and say so!

  2. This is slowly becoming a trend in South Africa, especially for events such as weddings and small parties in the Cape Winelands. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Great news! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you`re enjoying all the celebrations. Champagne and strawberries is a perfect combination. Your photographs are just amazing too.

    • Thanks Allison, how are your own wedding plans coming along? It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? Any idea on when you get married? We’ve still got a full year to go, but hopefully it’ll fly by!

      • I’m sure it will fly by, since it sounds like you are having fun! 🙂 Even if your wedding is not for another year, I bet you guys will get married before Paula and I do… I really want to get my dissertation over with first, so we probably won’t even start thinking about planning our wedding until this time next year, and then maybe we’ll get married in fall/winter 2014 or spring of the year after. (Plus it would be an added bonus if gay marriage were actual legal in California by then!)

      • You’re totally right about taking your time, sure you’ve got the rest of your lives anyway so what does it matter when the wedding actually is?! I would imagine the gay marriage legalisation is beyond infuriating, are there plans to legislate for it? I’m struggling with the fact we can’t (currently) get married (in Ireland) in a legal, secular ceremony on the weekend, I could not imagine how hard it would be for my right to get married not even to be recognised. It’s a disgrace. But the more I think about it, the more I feel it’s just about making a commitment to each other in front of the people who love you, which no-one can take away from you!

      • You’re so right about that being the important part (which is why– when the time comes– we’ll make that commitment in front of people we love regardless of whether it’s legal or not yet). We are still waiting on the supreme court decision that could re-legalize it in California (overturn Prop 8, which banned gay marriage), and it’s legal in many other states already, but a long way off in many other states as well.

        That’s too bad you can’t have a secular weekend wedding in Ireland! Are you still planning to get married there versus Australia?

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