The real reason I moved to Australia

Avocado on toasted sourdough with a squeeze of lime

Was it because the troika have taken over Ireland, and now you’re all poor?

Or maybe, because you’re allergic to rain?

Perhaps you just had enough of being called a culchie by all those Dublin jackeens?

Oh no, it was for love right? For the grá of your Australian Fella, the one you’re going to marry, it’s got to be for that, right?


Folks, the real reason I moved to the big red land down under had nothing to do with recession, rain for even love. Let’s be honest here; it was for avocados.

Yes. I said avocados.

Avocado on toasted sourdough with fresh cracked black pepper

When I was a child, my mother had a strict rule. Whenever any family member went abroad to warmer climates, they were warned not to bring home duty-free or Toblerone. Instead they were charged with smuggling ripe avocados into the country. My brother and I must have been the only children growing up in the north east of Ireland in the eighties who had avocado addictions. Hell, we must have been the only children for miles around who knew what avocados were! They weren’t spuds that much was for sure.

Things haven’t changed much since then. When I still lived in Ireland I would buy (imported) avocados in bulk and ripen them in the hot press. Yes, like a crazy lady. Now, I live on a much bigger island, one where ripe avocados are very commonplace; and they taste unreal! Gone are the days of waiting ages for an avocado to be ripe; now I can buy a luscious, nutty fruit in my local corner shop, open it up, and immediately spread it on my toast. I’ll repeat that for the folks back home, yes, I did say SPREAD. In Australia, the avocados are spreadable, like some kind of delicious, green butter. Are you beginning to understand my reasons for emigration?

You might all think that avocado on toast is pretty much a non-recipe, but I say, don’t dare knock it until you’ve tried it. I eat this about three times a week, for breakfast, brunch or even a midweek dinner.  And I can guarantee, if you can get quality avocados with super-fresh sourdough bread, you too will fall in love. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself!

Avocado on toasted sourdough

Avocado on toasted sourdough slice

People, for this to be brilliant (and this IS brilliant), you need to get the freshest, bestest ingredients possible. I realise for people reading in Ireland and other cooler places getting ripe avocados can be a challenge, but if you can’t get them ripe, buy them while they’re a little harder and keep them in a warm dry place until they are soft and delicious.

Serves two.


4 thick slices of wholemeal (or rye) sourdough bread
1 medium avocado
A squeeze of lemon or lime juice
good sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper and salt

This one is easy folks, simply toast the bread. Half, de-stone, skin and slice the avocado. Arrange the avocado slices over the toast. Squeeze over the lemon or lime juice and season well with freshly ground black pepper and salt.

Enjoy and weigh up the reasons for and against emigration.


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11 thoughts on “The real reason I moved to Australia

  1. Aoife, my darling, this post portrays to me that you are truly, madly, deeply worthy to be admitted to the Aussie fold. Welcome home!

  2. I think moving for avocados is a completely rational reason for moving! I happen to completely understand this as Hong kong never has perfectly ripe avocados at the market. They area usually over ripe and brown or so green it not edible. I am drooling over you simple and perfect recipe. Have fun there in down under. Take care, BAM

    • Thanks Bam! I’m glad you understand and don’t just think I’m a crazy lady! I would have thought there would be an abundance of avocados in Hong Kong, I’m quite surprised to hear that it’s the opposite. Perhaps it’s time to think of a relocation?!

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